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Due diligence

Who we are

Knight Frank’s specialist investment unit comprises a team of seasoned investment professionals who provide coverage on all core and emerging sectors of the property investment market in Spain.

A leader in the Spanish property investment market, we advise clients across the property investment spectrum – from evaluation and structuring investment purchases through to portfolio analysis, asset identification and disposals.

We blend research-based market data with sector knowledge to build effective property investment and recovery strategies, expedite sales or acquisitions and actively manage assets to unlock stronger performance.

Why Knight Frank Due Diligence

We undertake technical due diligence to advise on lawful use, compliance with existing planning conditions and comment on changes that may be made without the need for planning permission.

We provide a complete range of tailored building surveys – from pre-acquisition through to defect analysis and diagnosis as well as setting capital expenditure budgets.

We also offer a fully integrated relocation planning and move management service to perform the necessary administrative management to remedy identified deficits. Over the years we have offered technical due diligence advice on some of the most significant deals in the market, reinforcing our professionalism, reliability and unquestionable market position as the leading residential consultancy firm.

Our services

  • Feasibility studies and portfolio strategies
  • Market research
  • Technical due diligence
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Strategic advice on values, yields and rents
  • Financial modeling and cash flow analysis
  • Acquisitions
  • Appraisals
  • Disposals
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Property audits