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Legal Notice

Knight Frank España, S.A.U. wishes to inform you about the conditions of use of this website.

Before we present our terms of use, we inform you that these conditions are mandatory and must be accepted by all users who visit the website.

In the same way, we notify you that these conditions may be updated or modified at any time, and so we invite you to check for possible modifications that could have been made to our terms of use every time you access our website.

Our company

The company that owns this website is the Spanish company Knight Frank España, S.A.U. This company is a sole proprietorship and its registered address is located in Madrid on Calle Suero de Quiñones, number 34.

The company is registered in the provincial Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 9591 General, Book 8310, Third Section, Folio 1, Page 88471.

You may contact Knight Frank at the following email addresses:

  • For general queries:
  • For questions relating to data protection:
  • For sending your curriculum vitae:

Information about the website

This website is public and free of charge, with the exception of the possible costs that your service provider may charge you for the internet connection, in other words, for your “data consumption”. Nevertheless, there are some pages on our website whose access is restricted to users who have registered on our website.

As indicated, access to the website is free, but our brokering and consultancy services are not. Our prices shall not be indicated on this website, under any circumstance, but shall be included in each contract and proposal for services addressed to each client.

Knight Frank España and the Knight Frank international network

While Knight Frank España, S.A.U. does form part of the Knight Frank international network, although each company in the network is a distinct, independent and separate entity.

The fact that Knight Frank España, S.A.U. forms part of the Knight Frank international network means that our website contains several links that may direct you to other websites within the Knight Frank international network. Nevertheless, those sites do not operate under the domain or supervision of Knight Frank España, S.A.U. In such cases, we advise you to verify the electronic address that appears in your browser and, whenever the website does not operate under the domain or supervision of Knight Frank España, S.A.U., we advise you to read carefully the conditions of use and privacy on the websites that you visit.

Interruptions and security of the website

We make our best efforts to keep the website active and secure however, we cannot guarantee the technical security of the internet, taking into account that it is a service that depends on third parties and that it is also exposed to IT attacks from third parties as well as to any other actions of people who act with intentionality to cause damage to the website.

It is for that reason that Knight Frank España, S.A.U. cannot guarantee full and permanent access to the website at all times, or ensure that browsing on the site does not suffer from delays, or that the website be loaded in its entirety without generating errors. Nor can we guarantee the absence of viruses, malware – programs that damage computers and IT systems – or of any other IT element that may damage your IT system.

To try to minimise the risk of causing harm to your IT systems, we recommend that you install the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful IT elements, given that Knight Frank España, S.A.U. shall not be held liable for any damages caused to your IT systems, even if they occur whilst you are browsing our website.

Information provided by us on the website

As you know, Knight Frank España, S.A.U., as a real estate consultant, provides you with information about real estate properties, as well as with numerous reports about the real estate market.

In terms of the reports that Knight Frank España, S.A.U. places at your disposal, we inform you that they are published for informational purposes only. Although the most stringent parameters are adopted when preparing the information, analysis, options and forecasts presented in the reports, Knight Frank assumes no liability whatsoever for any possible damages resulting from the use, dependence on or reference made to the content of such documents.

Regarding real estate properties, we indicate that their publications do not represent an offer or contract, under any circumstances, and that the data that they contain may not be accurate and may even be erroneous in certain cases, and so Knight Frank España, S.A.U. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data in the publications; and is therefore not responsible for any inaccuracies in the content of publications.

In the same way, we inform you that the photos that appear in the publications in relation to the different real estate properties are taken at specific moments in time, and so may not reflect the current condition of the properties. Images prepared by computers, “info graphics”, propose specific designs by way of suggestion only and under no circumstances imply that those properties contain such furniture. On the other hand, all surface areas, measurements and distances provided are approximate.

In the event that alterations need to be made to a surface area, the buyer must, in all cases, consult the regulations applicable to the property with the aim of verifying whether the intended alteration is permitted; he or she shall be solely responsible for obtaining the permits that may be necessary for any modifications that are intended.

Applicable taxes. The figures in the publications are shown without applying the corresponding taxes, given that such charges may vary not only in their amount, but also in the type of tax applied. As a result, you should take into account that the applicable taxes will have to be added to any price indicated (if indicated, taking into account that such prices shall be indicative).

Exchange rates. Knight Frank España, S.A.U. places an exchange rate calculator at your disposal, nevertheless, that calculator may not be kept up to date.

Location of properties. In the property search tool that Knight Frank España, S.A.U. places at your disposal, there is a map that provides indicative information about the location of the properties that appear in search results. We inform you that the locations may not be accurate, they merely indicate the area or neighbourhood in which the properties are located.

Intellectual and industrial property

This website and the contents included herein are the property of Knight Frank España, S.A.U. In this sense and, without limitation, we indicate that they are the intellectual property of Knight Frank España, S.A.U. or of a third party that has given its consent to Knight Frank España, S.A.U. for the operation and publication of texts, info graphics, photographs, graphs, reports, software, logos, icons, videos, audios and any other content found on the website.

The publication of those contents shall not be understood, under any circumstances, to be an assignment of the rights in favour of the users of the website, who may only access the content for their personal use. Under no circumstance may you copy, in whole or in part, our website, its design, structure, links, etc.


Please take into account that our website may contain links that redirect you to other websites that are outside of Knight Frank España, S.A.U.’s control. Some of those links are published by Knight Frank España, S.A.U., but other links may appear in your browser that have not been published by Knight Frank España, S.A.U. Therefore, we ask you to pay special attention to the electronic addresses that appear in your browser, given that, in some cases, you may be visiting a site that is unrelated to Knight Frank España, S.A.U. and therefore, whose content falls outside the remit of Knight Frank España, S.A.U.’s privacy policy and conditions of use.

On the other hand, Knight Frank España, S.A.U. is aware that there may be other websites that contain links that direct users to our website. Knight Frank España, S.A.U. does not prohibit, under any circumstances, the creation of links that direct users to Knight Frank España, S.A.U.’s website, although it may request the generators of such links to remove them at any time, without having to cite any reason. In the same way, Knight Frank España, S.A.U. regulates certain aspects relating to such links and strictly prohibits: (i) the use of Knight Frank España, S.A.U.’s links by competitor companies or by any other company intending to compare our website with any other; (ii) the generation of links that have the purpose of undermining the image of Knight Frank España, S.A.U; (iii) the generation of links that seek to give an appearance of veracity to pages that contain fraudulent content; or to create confusion, in a deceitful way, and generate the idea that there is some type of association or relationship with Knight Frank España, S.A.U., or with the content published by them; (iv) sites that seek to misuse the Knight Frank España, S.A.U. brand or its content. Under no circumstances shall the generation of links to our website be permitted on websites that contain content or links to websites that are illegal, harmful or contrary to morality or decency (pornography, violence, racism, etc.) or those in which Knight Frank España, S.A.U. may be exposed to the risk of association with certain political ideas, religious beliefs, philosophies, etc.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions of use, the privacy and Cookies policies and any other matters relating to this website and the contents thereof, are governed by Spanish law.